Someone Special Sunday: Lizzie @ LizzieLovesBooks

Someone Special Sunday Final

“Someone Special Sunday” is a little something I came up with to help spread some blogger appreciation. Feel free to join in if you’d like! If you want to spread a little blogger love using “Someone Special Sunday” just link back to me and use the graphic.

The idea of Someone Special Sunday is just to spotlight a fellow blogger, booktuber, author, or member of the book community on a Sunday. Show the world how amazing these people are!

This Sunday’s lovely star is Lizzie @ LizzieLovesBooks!

A Little Bit About Lizzie

Lizzie is such a sweetheart. As far as I know, she doesn’t have an actual blog but instead focuses her efforts on developing her Booktube channel. And those efforts are well spent! Her videos are fantastic.

I love her reviews (obviously), but I’m especially partial to her book haul videos. I love the videos where she just raves about the books that she got. I can honestly feel her excitement bubbling through the screen and it gives me those warm bookish fuzzies just watching her! She’s such a genuine person and I love her spirit.

Honestly, she’s just so amazing and I could watch her videos for hours! And her book photography on Instagram is completely out of this world. I could scroll through her pictures forever.

Not to mention how lovely she is in the book community… Lizzie’s such a gem on Twitter. I love seeing her on my feed because she’s just such a sweet person, always spreading excitement and love wherever she goes. She’s genuinely a doll!

A Little Bit About Lizzie and Me

Unlike my last Someone Special Sunday star (Aila), I unfortunately don’t talk to Lizzie very often. I first met her during a trade (shout out to #booksfortrade again). At BEA, the Disney booth was handing out copies of The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. I grabbed a copy, figuring it was a paperback, but I later realized that they were actually ARCs. The book came out in 2012, so they must’ve been digging around in their old warehouses. As much as I love Alexandra Bracken (the sweetest person in the world), I hadn’t even read The Darkest Minds series yet. So I decided to pass the ARC on to someone who would cherish it more than I would.

And that’s how I found Lizzie! She’s a huge Alexandra Bracken fan and couldn’t wait to add the original ARC to her Bracken collection. She was so genuine, kind, and lovely. That exchange has stuck in my mind since then. She’s such a fantastic person. Just talking to her, or even just seeing her tweets on my feed, makes me smile. She’s a light in the book community!

Where Can You Find This Amazing Person?

Lizzie is such a sweetheart and everyone should have the pleasure of watching her videos and seeing how much she lights up the screen. Her channel is awesome! I’m so glad that she’s a part of the book community.

Don’t forget to check out the following:

I appreciate you, Lizzie!

With lots of bookish love,


2 thoughts on “Someone Special Sunday: Lizzie @ LizzieLovesBooks

    • Thank YOU for being so sweet, lovely, and talented, Lizzie! I’m so so grateful that you’re a part of the book community – you truly make it a better place. I definitely consider myself lucky to I know you! And I’m glad I could return some of the joy that you spread everywhere you go ❤ Have an amazing week, dear!


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