Someone Special Sunday: Kit Cat @ Let the Pages Reign

Someone Special Sunday Final

“Someone Special Sunday” is a little something I came up with to help spread some blogger appreciation. Feel free to join in if you’d like! If you want to spread a little blogger love using “Someone Special Sunday” just link back to me and use the graphic.

The idea of Someone Special Sunday is just to spotlight a fellow blogger, booktuber, author, or member of the book community on a Sunday. Show the world how amazing these people are!

This Sunday’s awesome spotlight is Kit Cat @ Let the Pages Reign!

A Little Bit About Kit Cat

Kit Cat is all about that Twitter life – she is honestly a star on Twitter. I love seeing her on my feed! She’s constantly spreading love and interacting with the book community. Her friendships with other bloggers give me those warm fuzzies that make me proud to be part of the book community. She’s just so wonderful. Her relationships with authors give me that same feeling. Off the top of my head, I know that her and Jodie Meadows are lowkey BFFs. And I just I feel like that really attests to how amazing Cat is. She’s so genuine and kind that everyone loves her – bloggers, authors, followers, and also probably dogs, cats, and trees too. I feel like she’s the little sister of the book community that everyone always wants to hug and cherish.

And her blog is just as awesome. I love how honest and fresh her reviews are. They’re really just the flow of her thoughts which gives me such a great impression of the book. They’re so fun to read and I really get the vibe of her reading experience. I can physically sense all of her wild bookish feels! Cat also has the most fantastic discussion posts. They’re always super great topics that really get me thinking. And she puts twists on things so that her posts are so original – like open letters. Also, the discussions themselves are so interesting, like what cultures she’d like to see more of and secondary characters that she wishes had their own book (I absolutely adore that post). The topics are so awesome and she does them justice.

There’s just something so real about her. I feel like I’m in her head when I read her posts. I feel like I can really connect to her and understand exactly what she’s saying. Even when she gets more personal with her posts and tweets… I can relate to her. I don’t even really know her but I feel like we’re on the same wavelength.

Also – Cat spreads so much blogger appreciation and love. She goes on little appreciation sprees on Twitter where she just vomits kindness and it’s the best thing ever. I love seeing that on my feed because it just makes me so happy and proud to be part of the book community!

I also love how she uses polls and really gets the opinions of the blogger community. She does such a great job staying involved and getting feedback.

Basically – Kit Cat is rad as heck.

A Little Bit About Kit Cat and Me

I honestly don’t think that I’ve ever interacted with Cat… but that doesn’t mean that she’s not a part of my book blogging experience! That’s the great thing about blogger appreciation – it’s not just your book friends that deserve your appreciation. It’s everyone.

Everyone who makes me proud to be a part of the book community deserves blogger love. And Cat is definitely one of those people.

Where Can You Find This Amazing Person?

Kit Cat is such an awesome blogger, reader, and human being. Everyone should follow her and adore her.

Don’t forget to check out the following:

I appreciate you, Cat!

With lots of bookish love,



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