A Nickel for My Thoughts: SEX, SEX, SEX

Yep, you read that right. Seeeeeeeeeeeeeex. Sex, vagina, penis, orgasm, clitoris, ejaculation, blow job, oral sex, penetration, any other sexual word you can think of. SEX.

Newsflash: teens have sex.

You might not want to admit it. You might not want to accept it. But you can’t change it. It’s a fact of life. Teens are having sex.

I’m not going to put an age warning on this post because teens should not be restricted from discussing their own sex lives. If we don’t talk about it, if literature doesn’t include it, what does that do to teens? It hurts them. A lot. Let’s see three of the most common representations of sex in YA literature (when sex is included at all): Continue reading